How to cut fuel spend? 0

saving on fuel, car servicing, service stopYou may notice your petrol gauge going down rapidly, some days quicker than others. Drivers may wonder why that is and how to indeed be more fuel efficient. With petrol prices continually on the increase, many drivers are desperate to lower their petrol bill. There’s nothing we can do about the high inflated petrol prices, but there is something we can do in order to ensure our bills are kept lower.

See some fuel saving tips:

Service your car regularly
Regular car servicing ensure that your engine is more efficient, which means your fuel consumption will be low.Get an instant quote now at Servicing Stop. Collection and deliver your car is free.

Avoid unnecessary luggage
Driving with unnecessary weight would result in more fuel consumption. So it’s certainly a good idea to check your car for unwanted bags and remove the roof racks etc.

Start Engine only when you are ready
A lot of drivers keep their engine running even when they are not ready to set off! If your engine is running, you’re losing petrol. Start your engine only when you are ready to head off, don’t leave it on while you adjust your satellite navigation or have a chat. Adopting this habit will save plenty of fuel in the long run.

Restrict the use of Air-conditioning
On a hot summers day it can be very tempting to switch on your air conditioning. Whereas this can be very refreshing, it needs petrol to be utilised. In order to be more fuel efficient, simply open a window, sunroof or turn your car fan on. Keep noted that the fuel consumption while using air conditioning is more at high speeds compared to lower speeds.

Drive smoothly
Smooth driving will prove effective in keeping your fuel bills to a minimum. Press the acceleration pedal gently and change gears at appropriate times. Changing gears at around 2000 rpm -2500 rpm rather than over-revving will give less pressure to the engine as well as dramatically save you from visiting the petrol pump as often. When you brake, don’t make sudden stops just slow down gently whilst anticipating the traffic ahead.

Roll your car wherever possible
Situations like downhill you have an opportunity to your car to roll don’t forget to take full advantage of this. You don’t need to accelerate, just keep in control of your car by using your brake pedal to slow down when needed. Keeping the car rolling for as long as possible rather than accelerating and braking will lessen fuel consumption.

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