How to save fuel when driving 0


The most obvious way to cut fuel costs is to buy the cheapest petrol and diesel, but there are other things you can do to get more miles out of your tank. Here are our tips to help keep your fuel bills down.

  1. Be aerodynamic. Wind resistance increases fuel consumption. Keep your windows closed and if you’re sporting a roof rack that’s redundant – remove it. This could help you save up to 20% in fuel costs a year.
  2. Keep your speed down. The AA has reported that dropping from 80mph to 70mph could potentially save you 25% in fuel costs. On smaller roads, lowering your speed from 70mph to 60mph may save a further 10%.
  3. Get your car serviced regularly to ensure your engine remains efficient and that you’re using the correct type of engine oil.
  4. Sensible driving. Read the road ahead and anticipate the behaviour of the drivers around you and potential hazards. The less you brake and accelerate, the less fuel you use. The top tip is to drive as smooth as you can.
  5. Drop your revs. Some motorists let their revs (revolutions per minute or RPM) run to 3,000 per minute (petrol vehicles) and 2,500 (diesel) before shifting up a gear. Efficiency can be improved by moving up a gear at 2,500 (petrol) and 2,000 (diesel). Try and use high gears sooner than later.
  6. Reduce weight. A lighter car uses less fuel, so don’t carry unnecessary clutter in your boot. If you’re not on a long journey, consider running with a half full (or less) fuel tank.
  7. Speed bumps. Braking hard, speeding up, then braking for the next speed bump is inefficient and uses extra fuel. Try to keep to a nice and steady 15-20mph instead.
  8. Air con. Air conditioning increases your fuel consumption, especially when travelling at low speeds. Stick to using your air conditioning when travelling at high speeds and lower your vehicles when in traffic or around town.
  9. Drive a manual. According to statistics, automatics use up to 15% more fuel than manuals. This gap is closing as modern however as efficient semi-automatics become more popular.


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