London Parking Tips 0

London-Parking-Tips1One of the worst aspects of being a motorist in London is the horrors involved with parking. If you’re in any way unfamiliar with the city, the entire experience can be an overwhelming nightmare. It’s not impossible to find a space, but they will always be a highly prized commodity. Here are some tips to stand you in good stead against the capital’s 2.5 million other car owners (figure does not including visitors!)

Leave early. Stating the obvious perhaps but it can’t be denied that if you leave earlier, the more time you’ll have to locate a space at your destination. Motorists unfamiliar with London streets display a stunning naivety that all they have to do is arrive at their destination and a space will magically appear. Naturally, there will always be the miraculous time this does happen, but most of the time; you’ll need to do a few laps of the block first. During business hours, when people are less likely to move their cars, spaces are extremely tough to find.

Advance book. If you’ve got an appointment to keep, and don’t want to risk being late, it is possible to book a parking space in advance through a number of websites and apps. Parkopedia is a good website which displays spaces that can be booked before arrival. NCP also have a similar scheme with their car parks – at weekends and off-peak hours they offer several reasonable deals. Having a space waiting for you is a great way to make sure you’re not late for a meeting or function.

Check it’s available. Yes, it may look like it’s completely fine to park there, but London has all sorts of complicated restrictions on many of its parking spots. A large fleet of civil enforcement officers regularly patrol the city’s streets to ticket, or organise the towing of illegally parked vehicles. If you do park on the streets, double check all visible signs to make sure you can park there. If there’s a meter nearby, feed it!

Valet services. If you’re heading into town for an important meeting or appointment, consider valet parking. It will save you time, and completely removes the stress and hassle of trying to park yourself.

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