Online car aftermarket sector booming in the UK 0

Online-car-aftermarket-sector-booming-in-the-UKA new survey commissioned by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has shown that UK motorists are more content to shop for car parts online than they are for makeup and cosmetics. In fact, the proportion of purchase of automotive accessories tops even that of online ordering from supermarkets.

The research showed that 4.2% of British motorists turn to the internet when shopping for car parts, accessories and services. Meanwhile, only 2% go online for their groceries. The SMMT believes this is proof both of how advanced and competitive the car aftermarket industry has become in the UK, and also a barometer indicating how high-tech vehicles themselves have become in recent years. The industry itself is currently worth £21.6 billion and provides more than 350,000 jobs (or the entire population of Coventry).

The car aftermarket sector is currently booming, contributing £12.5 billion to the economy. The SMMT has revealed they expect this to grow to as much as £28 billion and 400,000 jobs by 2022 if the new car market continues growing at the current rate.

Tyres, lubricants and filters are the items most commonly replaced by UK drivers, making up the bulk of the current £920 million spent on car parts online. This is one of the fastest online adoption rates in Europe and is expected to grow to a sizable £1.65 billion by 2022.

The demand for high-tech gadgets such as telematic devices (navigational aids, integrated telecommunication and infotainment services) and tyre pressure monitoring equipment has also grown significantly (30-40% for the former, 20-30% for the latter).

Despite trailing behind the online sales figures of electronic books, devices and clothing, these new figures point towards a radical evolution taking place currently in an industry often accused of being stuck in the dark ages.

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