Posh car capital of the UK revealed as Ely 0

posh-car-capital-of-the-uk-revealed-as-elyA new study has revealed the startling difference between the values of cars up for sale; depending on what region of the UK you happen to be in.

The study, conducted by Wizzle.co.uk – a consumer car selling service – has found Ely in Cambridgeshire, to be the posh capital of UK motoring. Rhondda meanwhile, deep in the Welsh valleys, is the place where the most budget cars are bought and sold.

The most expensive car currently up for sale on Wizzle, is a Lamborghini Gallardo which is based in London. But it’s Ely where the average prices of advertised cars is the highest, with an average asking price of £36,358 – twice as much as drivers in the surrounding counties of Norfolk, Suffolk and Lincolnshire.

At Rhondda Cynon Taf in the valleys, average car prices barely reach quadruple figures, and the region currently features the cheapest car currently on Wizzle – a £500 nine year old Ford Ka.

The study also revealed that motorists in Birmingham, Leicester and Leeds are the least likely to opt for a part exchange of their vehicle, preferring cash. At the other end of the scale, motorists in Scotland and Wales are the most unlikely to online for a cash sale.

Wizzle founder Sébastien Duval said: “We decided to analyse the values of cars advertised around the country when somebody uploaded details of their Lamborghini Gallardo to sell. We wanted to test our assumption that the capital would be where all the best cars are offered.

“So it came as a surprise to find that Cambridgeshire was where the most expensive vehicles are being sold on Wizzle.

“Despite the appearance of a Lamborghini on our site, London actually falls somewhere in the middle of our national car values range, some way behind places like Hampshire, Gloucester, Shropshire and even the Isle of Wight. In fact, London doesn’t even make the top ten in terms of posh cars on sale.

“On the other side of the coin it seems to be Scotland and Wales where the cheaper cars tend to be most commonly offered, with the cheapest being in the valleys of South Wales. Interestingly that also coincides with our finding that fewer cars in general are being offered for a cash purchase in Scotland and Wales too.”

Bottom of Form

The towns or regions with the most expensive cars for sale on Wizzle are:

  1. Ely, Cambridgeshire
  2. East Hampshire
  3. Isle of Wight
  4. Torbay, Devon
  5. Dacorum, Hertfordshire
  6. Gloucester
  7. Chiltern, Buckinghamshire
  8. Castle Point, Essex
  9. Telford & Wrekin, Shropshire
  10. Sandwell, West Midlands

The towns or regions with the least expensive cars for sale on Wizzle are:

  1. Rhondda Cynon Taf, South Wales
  2. Babergh, Suffolk
  3. Wellingborough, Northants
  4. Wokingham, Berkshire
  5. West Lothian, Scotland
  6. Hambleton, North Yorkshire
  7. Bassetlaw, North Nottinghamshire
  8. Brighton & Hove, East Sussex
  9. Wakefield, West Yorkshire
  10. West Norfolk, Norfolk

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