UK local councils losing millions of pounds in parking revenues 0

uk-local-councils-losing-millions-of-pounds-in-parking-revenuesIn a study conducted by YourParkingSpace, it’s claimed that councils who fail to sell all of their available parking permits are losing up to £50 million that would otherwise be spent on community projects. The company, that allows private driveway and garage owners to rent out their unavailable space during the day, has put forward the argument that poor marketing is to blame for the reported losses.

The online company singled out Waverley council in particular, as an authority that fared especially badly when it came to selling its available permits. Recent figures showed that only 205 of 918 annual tickets were purchased in 2015/16 leading to a shortfall of £616,889. The council balanced this loss by raising council tax to the maximum allowed limit, thereby filling the budget deficit, saving jobs and maintaining services.

Other local authorities singled out by YourParkingSpace included Northampton Council, who – had they sold a further three parking spots at £1,296 each – would have been able to save a local mobility service from closing after funding was slashed. Others criticized were Cheshire East Council and Birmingham City Council.

The parking firm listed the ten worst offenders, compiled from information obtained under the Freedom of Information data requested from 256 Local Councils nationally. There were:

  • Hart District Council – £656,400,
  • Waverley Borough Council – £616,889,
  • Aberdeen City Council – £584,640,
  • Redbridge Council – £517,632,
  • Cheshire East Council – £460,512,
  • Mid Sussex District Council – £290,248,
  • Ealing Council- £290,107,
  • Basildon Borough Council- £165,886,
  • Great Yarmouth Borough Council – £127,015,
  • Wigan Borough Council – £104,910.

The Managing Director at YourParkingSpace, Harrison Woods said: “As deep budget pressures force Local Councils to make drastic spending cuts, the extra revenue that could be made through effectively marketing their parking permits could help fund vital services that are at risk of being lost.”

He added: “Many of the private parking spaces that we advertise in town and cities are often quickly let – so it is clear that the demand for long term parking is there. Councils could be missing a trick by simply not marketing them very well.”

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