Your last chance to get 30% off your car service with Servicing Stop 0

Servicing Stop - PromotionServicing Stop’s massive sale is coming to an end, with 30% off on car services for all makes and models. Following the major success of the company’s Black Friday and Winter Sales, the generous discount is now being offered to those who haven’t had the chance to snap up the deal.

The company have been long established as the nation’s number one car service provider. Offering the finest servicing with minimal hassle and outstanding customer service has helped Servicing Stop gain the majority of customers within the car service market over their seven year history.

Be quick, the deal ends 28th February

Be quick, the deal ends in a couple of days on the 28th February. Make sure you snap it up while you still have the chance! You’ll receive the highest quality car service possible with a substantial discount and one that which suits your lifestyle. Bookings can be made up to 6 months in advance. Every area of the UK is covered, meaning no matter where you live, there is guaranteed to be a Servicing Stop garage near you.

Specialised garages according to each vehicle

With a growing network of 1000+ garages throughout the UK, the company have the luxury of assigning each car service to specialised mechanics and garages. Each car is dealt with by motor industry experts who are experienced in servicing the specific model. All equipment is state of the art and up to date, helping to diagnose any problems with great accuracy and speed.

Manufacturer’s warranty protected at all times

Specific procedures are carried out with all car services to ensure that each manufacturer’s warranty is protected at all times. All parts used are of OE (Original Equipment) standards, pre-approved by the manufacturer and are brand new. Specialist equipment designed for the vehicle is also used for every service, helping to ensure regulations are met in order to keep your manufacturer’s warranty in check.

Free collection and delivery

Free collection and delivery of your vehicle from home or work on the day of the service comes as standard. There is no need to wait around and deal with a garage all day. We do the hard work for you, minimising all hassle.

Taking pride in outstanding customer service

High level customer service is paramount to Servicing Stop’s philosophy. Warm and friendly staff are always on hand to help customers throughout and beyond their car service. All technical questions are answered by expert and knowledgeable staff. Any issue raised is taken seriously and are dealt with thoroughly and professionally.

There could be a scenario where extra work is needed in order to ensure that the vehicle’s health is at its optimum levels. No extra goes ahead without prior consent from the customer. Qualified technicians call you to explain exactly what needs to be done in an understandable manner, so the customer has a clear mind on how to proceed.

Don’t miss out on the chance to get a heavily discounted car service from the UK’s number one car service provider!