Apple to start testing self-driving cars 0

Apple is set to join the growing roster of companies testing self-driving technology, after securing a permit to begin trials in California. The permit will allow Apple to start self-driving tests with three vehicles and six drivers, who will act in a supervisory role should the technology malfunction. The cars to be used for the(…)

Are We One Step Closer to Knowing if Apple Is Manufacturing a Car? 0

Until Apple officially confirms their role in autonomous development, we won’t know for sure. Cook is no newbie to reporters and the media, so when we find out it’ll be because Apple wants us to know. These are the last few words of a previous Servicing Stop article, so since October, are we closer to(…)

The electric car company building a $1bn factory… Who is Faraday Future? 1

There’s a new kid on the electric block and they’re already sparking interest. Faraday Future (FF), the mysterious California-based new car company, is filling media headlines this week. The fairly unknown electric car start-up announced that they are looking for a location in the US to build a $1 billion factory to begin production on their(…)