Aston Martin

Mercedes boss drops hints towards new concept car 0

  Mercedes Chief Design Officer, Gordon Wagener, has given the most tantalising hint yet via his Instagram that a new Mercedes concept car is in the pipeline, coming “pretty soon” and that the new vehicle will be a “big surprise” and an “icon” when it arrives. That was pretty much all that was revealed about(…)

Dubai police’s Bugatti Veyron officially world’s fastest police car 0

If you were to spot a Bugatti Veyron speeding through the streets of Dubai, you wouldn’t necessarily expect it to be the one doing the chasing. But the supercar is the latest addition to the city police force’s stable of high performance vehicles, and is capable of hitting speeds of 253mph. The Veyron is in(…)

GENEVA MOTOR SHOW 2017 – Aston Martin launch new extreme hi-performance brand 0

The Geneva Motor Show opened to the public last Thursday and one of the most exciting things on display was the new Aston Martin AMR range featuring two new concepts. AMR or ‘Aston Martin Racing’ should see its concepts hit the production line in the near future. The two models on display in Switzerland were(…)

An Electric James Bond? 0

James Bond has it all doesn’t he? A cool job, an unimaginable amount of gadgets, gorgeous women and some of the finest Aston Martins ever produced. But, what is the future of James Bonds cars going to be like? Well, according to Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer, James Bond will soon be driving all electric(…)

Aston Martin and Red Bull Team up to Develop World’s Fastest Car 0

This news may come to a shock for some but Aston Martin are teaming up with Red Bull Racing in order to create a production car… which will be faster than an F1 car, on track. So at this moment in time, there is a lot of confusion and plenty of debates surrounding what car(…)

Aston Martin Finally Back in Formula One 0

If you are an avid Formula One, Aston Martin or general car fan, then this news is most interesting. Aston Martin is back as a team in F1 for the first time since the two year period being 1959 and 1960 respectably. During both of these periods of time, Aston Martin did not perform at(…)

Aston Martin chooses Wales as site for new factory 0

The sounds of the valley will now include the revving of a luxury engine… and presumably still Tom Jones. The new Aston Martin DBX crossover will be hand built in its new factory, located on a 90 acre site in St Anthan, Wales, following a £200 million investment and fending off competition from the likes(…)

007’s new car revealed 0

James Bond’s new car for the new film Spectre has been revealed as the spectacular Aston Martin DB10. Daniel Craig saw his character’s new car today. Today there was a special event at Pinewood Studios in London where the director of the film, Sam Mendes revealed the DB10 at the 007’s new car. Sam Mendes(…)

Aston Martin’s “skyfall” in sales 0

Aston Martin is in suffering at the moment. You would have thought that the recent blockbuster Skyfall would have had a positive effect on the company. Well it has in some ways but that may not be enough at the moment. The company’s financial status is currently under serious strain. There is a lot of(…)