British insurers ask for driverless car data 0

Driverless car technology is becoming closer and closer to becoming an everyday reality; the changes necessary in the rules of the road however, still appear some way off. The insurance industry has issued a demand for more data from carmakers, regarding accidents involving driverless vehicles, with specific attention to whom or what was culpable. Insurers(…)

Driverless Lorries to be tested on UK roads 0

“Red lorry, yellow lorry, red lorry… Who’s driving that lorry?!” Autonomous lorries will hit UK roads later this year, it has been announced. Up to 10 lorries – driving just metres apart from each other – are to be tested on British motorways, signalling the start of driverless testing in the UK. The test is(…)

Google’s autonomous crash caused by attempts to humanize technology 0

Google tried to make their robotic driverless cars seem more ‘human’… and they immediately caused an accident. The crash, which took place in California in February, is the first in which the company’s autonomous technology is at least partially responsible for an accident. Engineers at Google have announced that software changes made that gave autonomous(…)

Microsoft and Volvo team up for driverless future 0

Microsoft and Volvo have announced they’re joining forces to reach the goal of autonomous vehicles. With the driverless car being the new go-to technology companies are investing in, these two heavyweights are hoping a joint venture will get them there faster. Not only are they working towards this innovative technology, but Microsoft is already lending(…)