Motorists in the UK would like to see motorway pubs banned 0

A new survey has found that motorists in the UK would like to see motorway pubs banned, preferring to have a big name supermarket to visit instead. Pubs located along UK motorways don’t seem to be such a big hit with British motorists, with many saying they’re one of the things they’d most like to(…)

Peugeot advert is banned after encouraging dangerous driving 0

A Peugeot commercial has been banned after it was deemed to encourage dangerous driving. In the advert, the driver of the Peugeot 208 is seen reading a text message on the car’s built-in dashboard display and reacting to it with obvious pleasure. As he drives through the streets of a city, the driver reads the(…)

Dyson latest company to jump on the electric car bandwagon 0

When you think of ‘a dyson’, no doubt either a hi-tech carpet cleaner or state-of-the-art fan springs to mind. From 2020 however, you may be forced to revise that image, as the engineering company famed with being ahead of the curve, plans to launch its own brand of electric car. Dyson have been working on(…)

Saudi Arabia to allow women to drive 0

King Salman of Saudi Arabia has passed a royal decree allowing women in the country to drive for the first time. Female activists said the ruling was a “great victory” and that things would “never be the same again”. The US ambassador to the country said the move was “the right decision at the right(…)