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Volkswagen Golf All-track all wheel drive Revealed 1

The Golf is the latest Volkswagen model to get an all-track version, following on from the Passat which was the last to get the same treatment. The all-track version of the Volkswagen Golf will include many visual upgrades, and several upgrades to improve off road performance. Engine Volkswagen has said that the Gold all-track will(…)

Full Volvo S60 Cross Country Specs Released 0

The S60 is set to be Volvo’s first saloon to be produced as a cross country model, with the ride height of the vehicle being raised by 6.5 centimetres and will be sold with 4 wheel drive. Volvo is aiming the S60 at buyers who want the four wheel drive system of an SUV, but(…)

Ford Focus RS 2016 Finally Revealed 0

The new Ford Focus RS has been revealed at the recent Geneva motor show, and set to rival the like of the Audi S3, Mercedes A45 AMG and VW Golf R. The Focus RS is set to be the hottest version of the standard version of the car, and a further step up from the(…)

2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia full specs Revealed 0

The Alfa Romeo Giulia is the long awaited replacement for the 159 saloon and marks Alfa’s return to the family saloon market, which is expected to go on sale in 2016. The Giulia is a rear where drive saloon, and will challenge the likes of the Audi A4, BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes Benz(…)

The Volkswagen GTE Sport Concept Hybrid that has arrived from the future 0

During the gathering at Lake Wothersee in Austria to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Volkswagen GTI, the announcement of the Volkswagen GTE Sport concept was made; the production of the vehicle will start sometime during 2016. The Hybrid engine This Volkswagen GTE Sport is powered by a three-motor plug-in hybrid powertrain system, which is also(…)

BMW i3 all New Release 0

Electric vehicles look set to change the current market of traditional gas guzzlers, but the mass embracing of Electric vehicles poses new challenges and BMW have dubbed this program the ‘i Charge Forward’. Charging The biggest question about the increase in Electric vehicles is how power grids will be able to keep up if millions(…)

2016 Toyota Prius Takes to the public roads 0

The upcoming 2016 Toyota Prius hybrid has been spotted testing with a brand new look ahead of its 2016 release, the images for the disguised version show that its design is a lot cleaner and more aerodynamic then the last model. The appearance It’s rumoured that the new Prius will include different trim styles for(…)

2016 BMW M2 Has Been Spotted 0

The new BMW M2 has been spotted in its last stages of testing, pending its launch early next year in 2016. The M2 is set to be unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show in January while the M2 is said to cost around £45,000 when it finally lands in showrooms around the UK. These spotted(…)

Ford KA 2016 set for November release 0

Ford latest KA model has been seen cruising around without any disguise or prototype colours in the UK for the first time. The images so that it does indeed look very similar to the 2013 concept model whilst looking slightly longer and wider and more modern. The 2013 Ford KA Concept didn’t fulfil expectations so(…)

Car Sales Increase by 15% during June 1

European car sales growth has grown for the fastest pace in 5 and half years during the month of June, this is in no small part down to Citroen, Ford, Peugeot and Volkswagen all releasing new models which in turn has been attracting new customers across Europe. ACEA Announcements Registrations grew by 15 percent from(…)