Citroen 2CV

A look back at the Renault 4 (1961 – 1962) 0

The Renault 4 was initially conceived as a competitor to the Citroen 2CV that was effortlessly sweeping all before it as the sixties got under way. The influences of the perky little two-horse-power are clear for all to see in Renault’s response. The ‘4’ bettered its Gallic rival by providing passengers with a bit more(…)

The five scariest cars: Vehicles that are terrifying to drive 0

These days, cars handle so well we take it for granted; even the most budget offering usually does more or less what the driver tells it to. That’s not always been the case though. Over the years – and not even necessarily that far back –there have been some cars that were downright frightening to(…)

A look back at the Renault 4CV (1947 – 1961) 0

Arguably as much of an iconic symbol of France as the Citroen 2CV, the Renault 4CV is every bit as important, despite its rear-engined setup not quite catching on. Built over a 14-year period, more than one million 4CVs were produced, providing an affordable, effective car for the masses. The origins of the 4CV began(…)