Terrorists could kill millions by remotely ‘hacking’ cars, experts warn 0

Modern cars could potentially be turned into lethal weapons by hackers working for enemy states or terrorists, experts have warned. Justin Cappos, who works as a computer scientist at New York University has said “Many of our enemies are nuclear powers but any nation with the ability to launch a cyber strike could kill millions(…)

Driverless cars to be on UK roads by 2021 says Hammond 0

Driverless cars could be on UK roads as early as 2021 if government plans to invest in the sector come to fruition. Chancellor Philip Hammond said in an interview with the BBC that the aim was to have “fully driverless cars” without the need for a safety operator in use by 2021. “Some would say(…)

Rural Roads Are the Most Dangerous in the Britain 0

Are rural roads the most dangerous in Britain and if so, why is this? Just to clarify what a rural road actually is, the department for transport has defined a rural road as a major or minor road outside of an urban area. It may therefore be an ‘A’ or ‘B’ road amongst others. Britain’s(…)