Peugeot driver keeps getting fined because his car gets confused with a Bentley 0

Peugeot and Bentley: two car manufacturers you wouldn’t usually get mixed up (no offence meant to either). Or at least that’s what you’d expect. Try telling that to Peugeot owner Gordon King however, the beleaguered motorist has racked up a whopping seven congestion charge penalty notices over the past 12 months despite the 76 year(…)

Motorist with 62 penalty point legally allowed to drive 0

A driver who clocked up 62 penalty points on his license via speeding offenses can still legally drive a car. The man, from West Yorkshire, was one of 10,000 motorists driving on UK roads in January this year, despite having excessive points. In normal circumstances, 12 points usually results in a ban, but in “exceptional(…)

A failure to disclose medical conditions make older people a major hazard on the road 0

Respect your elders… just try to avoid them on the road if you can. A new study has revealed that millions of drivers aged 65 and upwards are failing to inform the appropriate authorities of their medical conditions. The research, conducted by Direct Line Car Insurance, found that nearly a third of older drivers are(…)

Want to make some quick money? Cash in on your car tax disc! 0

The death of the paper car tax disc has allowed many motorists the opportunity to cash in. Some listed on eBay are sold for almost £50! Although there are some which are listed for ridiculous sums, some for thousands of pounds, £50 seems to be the more realistic price. Some have sold for around the(…)

Will there be a new 80mph speed limit introduced? 0

At the start of the year we heard of a new 80mph speed limit being introduced. What were the main reasons? To boost our economy will faster travelling roads along with providing various environmental benefits too. Is it about time the motorways were made faster? Since 1965 the UK has had the same speed limit(…)

Tips for passing your driving test 2

Your driving test can be one of the most nerve racking experiences of your life. This article will give you a few tips to help ease your nerves and give you more chance of passing. In order to pass your driving test you can’t make more than 15 minor faults. One serious or dangerous fault(…)

Disabled badge abusers set for crackdown 1

It’s perhaps a common theme throughout Britain. You arrive at a supermarket and notice many people parking in the designated disabled bays that don’t have any justification to park there. Figures state that over 2.5 million people a year need to use disabled parking spots. Fraud of these badges which results in improper use meaning(…)

New car insurance law comes into force 0

In order to crack down on the huge number of uninsured drivers throughout the UK, a new law has been introduced. The law states that even when a car is not being driven, it must be insured. In order to avoid punishment, the car must be declared as off the road. Previously motorists had to(…)

Just passed your driving test? 0

Sitting behind the wheel of your car after passing your test can be an exciting and daunting experience.  Some new drivers are naturally confident where as others will naturally display signs of nervous. In both instances it is important to follow specific guidelines, not necessarily rules which will improve your confidence, knowledge, typical habits and(…)