A look back at the Reliant Kitten (1972 – 1982) 0

Put simply, the Reliant Kitten was the four wheel sister to the Robin and replacement for the Rebel (also a three-wheeler). Arriving two years on the scene after the Robin, the Kitten’s low fuel consumption and high efficiency saw sales figure soar upon its release. Visually, the Kitten closely resembled the Robin – this no(…)

Ten tips on how to save fuel 0

Some of these will be obvious; others less so. Either way, there are plenty of easy ways the British motorist can save fuel costs. And as a wise man/woman once said: “Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves…” Combine your trips. When a car is started from cold, it tends to(…)

Second Hand Cars and the U.K. Economy 0

So no one trusts the economy right? Always up, down, left and right. We are always told about inflation and GDP and the deficit. These terms are always chucked at us via the news but, what does it actually mean in the world of cars? Well there are multiple effects that the economy has. From(…)