flying car

Flying car with electric wings offers freedom from traffic jams 0

This sounds ominously similar to a news piece from Tomorrow’s’ World in the mid 1980s… Russian company, Hoversurf, have shown off their latest concept – a flying car with retractable wings that can fit into any parking space. Called the ‘Formula Project’, the car can seat five people, take off and land vertically (like a(…)

Toyota invest in flying car project 0

Toyota has announced its backing to a group of engineers who are in the process of developing a flying car. The Japanese carmaker will give 40 million yen (£274,000) to the Cartivator group who are based on the outskirts of Toyota city in central Japan. Newspapers in Japan have reported the car giant and several(…)

Geneva Motor Show – Airbus reveals flying car 0

In the high-tech world, drones are already all the rage, but if traditional aircraft manufacturers Airbus have their way, in not too much time, we’ll all be travelling in our own personal aerial transport vehicles. In Switzerland, at the Geneva Motor Show, the ‘Pop.Up’ was shown off to the world by the aspiring ‘car-viators’. It’s(…)

Flying cars set to arrive in 2017! 0

Wouldn’t you love to just fly over a traffic jam? That could be made into reality, with plans for the production of flying cars being brought forward. Slovakian company AeroMobil announced that we could see soaring vehicles on the market by 2017. The first appearance of the car was last year, with many at the(…)