Formula 1

Formula 1 news: Renault unveil 2018 car 0

Renault are aiming to build on a positive 2017 season after unveiling their car for the coming season. The French team have set themselves the ambitious goal of winning races once again and challenging for the title by 2020. “Our headline target is to show progression through results. Everything must improve,” said Renault Sport managing(…)

F1 News: Haas reveal 2018 car 0

The parade of smart new F1 cars continues… American F1 outfit, Haas, are the latest team to show off their 2018 vehicle. After an 8th placed finish last season, the VF-18 is the car Haas hopes will take the team to the next level of competitiveness, enabling them to “close the gap to the top(…)

F1 news: Red Bull announces 2018 launch date 0

Next Monday will see Red Bull launch its entry for the 2018 Formula 1 season. The new car is called the RB14, and the unveiling was revealed in a tweet from the teams official Twitter account. No teaser images were released. The relatively early launch date marks a change for Red Bull, traditionally the outfit(…)

Alfa Romeo returns to Formula 1 0

Exciting motorsport news! Alfa Romeo has announced it is to return to Formula 1 for the first time since 1985. The iconic Italian outfit has signed a deal with Sauber, thus strengthening the already firm link between Ferrari and the Swiss based Sauber – a sister brand of Fiat owned Alfa Romeo. Both Fiat and(…)

Formula 1 commentator left with red face after saucy text appears on phone 0

Not exactly Nissan related but worth a share nonetheless. You can always count on your mates to seize any moment they can to embarass you. Unfortunately for Formula 1 TV pundit Ted Kravitz, the moment his pals chose came as he was displaying his smartphone to millions of viewers during the recent Brazilian Grand Prix(…)

Minardi: The worst Formula One team ever 0

Minardi. A name synonymous with Formula 1, but not for illustrious reasons. Never contenders, usually if you heard the name Minardi mentioned by Murray Walker et al during the commentary, it would be followed by either ‘retires’ or ‘engine failure’. Founded in 1979, the team first graced the Formula 1 circus in 1985 and found(…)

Renault working on completely new car for 2018 0

Renault has revealed it is working on a “completely new car” for the 2018 Formula 1 season. The halo cockpit protection device aside, there have been only minor tweaks to the aerodynamic rules following the 2017 overhaul of the rules. In preparation of what it hopes will be a serious assault on the Championship, Renault(…)

Formula One: The Worst Teams – Andrea Moda 0

For some reason, Italy has a more seasoned track record in producing rubbish Formula 1 teams than most other countries put together. The last couple of weeks have seen us pick over the bones of the monstrosities that were the Life and Coloni teams. This week our retrospective spotlight of mediocrity falls upon another short(…)

Prost believes Sainz will improve Renault performance 0

Formula 1 legend and Renault advisor Alain Prost believes Carlos Sainz Jr will help the team move to the next level of performance. The French team have borrowed Sainz from Red Bull until the end of 2020; the Spanish driver takes the place of Jolyon Palmer who has had an underwhelming season. Sainz Jr finished(…)

Formula One: The worst teams – Coloni 0

Number #08 – Coloni Continuing our look back upon some of Formula 1’s terrible teams of yesteryear, this week our spotlight falls upon a truly dreadful outfit that soldiered on from 1987 to 1991 despite only qualifying in 14 races out of 82. Coloni debuted at the 1987 Grand Prix, powered by an unreliable and(…)