Aston Martin to stop making cars if no Brexit deal 0

In news that will be sure to worry Commander James Bond, Aston Martin have said that if no Brexit deal is reached, a temporary halt in their production of cars may be inevitable. The iconic car maker’s CFO, Mark Wilson has said the implications of the UK leaving the EU without a deal could prove(…)

Nissan halts production in Japan over inspection concerns 0

Nissan has halted car production in Japan over fears about its inspection process. The cessation has caused the firm’s shares to fall by 2%. Six Japanese Nissan factories are to stop production while the firm ensures regulations are being complied with. The decision follows the recall of 1.2 million cars checked by non-certified inspectors. Japan’s(…)

Tesla falls behind with production of ‘mass market’ electric car 0

Tesla has fallen behind on production of the Model 3, the car touting as being the company’s first ‘mass market’ vehicle. The third quarter of 2017 saw only 260 cars produced. The reason given for the disappointing figures are “production bottlenecks” but Tesla have been quick to point out there are “no fundamental issues with(…)

Where are the cars going? 0

Going, going, gone… the future of the cars globally, could be in doubt… Possibly The future of cars could be in trouble despite the car manufacturing industry growing rapidly in the last six years. Since 2009, the car manufacturing industry has grown by around 50% but despite this huge increase, many believe that we are(…)