A look back at the Renault 4CV (1947 – 1961) 0

Arguably as much of an iconic symbol of France as the Citroen 2CV, the Renault 4CV is every bit as important, despite its rear-engined setup not quite catching on. Built over a 14-year period, more than one million 4CVs were produced, providing an affordable, effective car for the masses. The origins of the 4CV began(…)

2018 Renault Megane to have four-wheel steering 0

Next year’s Renaultsport Megane is to come equipped with four-wheel steering. The hot hatch, due to be launch in the spring of 2018, will be the first car of its kind ever, to feature the tech. No definite information has been released about the new Megane RS, but the scant details that have come to(…)

‘Sexist’ advert see Renault under fire 0

Whoopsie! What have Renault’s marketing team gone and done? In an attempt to promote the Renault Twingo – a small urban car aimed at women – the French company have launched their own brand of nail polish that can also be used to fix small scratches and paint flaws on cars. Perhaps somewhat predictably, this(…)

Formula One: Renault rules out engine upgrade before Azerbaijan 0

Cyril Abiteboul, Renault’s Sport Racing Managing Director, has ruled out the possibility of a significant power upgrade in time for the season’s next Grand Prix, in Azerbaijan. He went on to say that the French manufacturer would not be overhauling its engines until next year. Speaking to Formula at the recent Canadian Grand Prix,(…)

Renault to repurpose electric vehicle batteries into home energy storage systems 0

Renault has announced plans to repurpose their electric vehicle batteries into a home storage system. The concept is similar to Powerwall used by Tesla. The French carmaker has teamed up with energy company Powervault and claims that using electric car’s discarded batteries could ultimately result in a drop in price of a Powervault ‘smart battery’(…)

Renault kicks off 40th anniversary celebrations with Monaco display 0

2017 marks 40 years since Renault first graced the Formula 1 circuits of the world and to celebrate, the French manufacturer paraded their very first challenger around the streets of Monaco. The RSO1 was Formula 1’s first turbo charged car and was driven around the streets of the principality by the man who first helmed(…)

Renault have worked out how to charge an electric car on the move 0

The principal bugbear of electric vehicles (that we’re aware of so far) is the inescapable fact that they take time to charge. There’s no getting away from it, purchasing an electric car means the days of just popping down the petrol station for a quick top up, look like they may be a thing of(…)

Electric superminis will cost same as petrol cars by 2020 – says Renault boss 0

Renault’s head of electric vehicles has stated that he believes electric vehicles, like the ZOE, will cost the same as their similarly sized, conventionally powered equivalents by 2020. Gilles Normand, the firm’s senior vice-president for electric vehicles, said that the company’s sales for their first small EV, the ZOE, have leapt by 90% between 2016(…)

Indiana Jones classic Renault up for auction 0

Fans of the Indiana Jones film series have a chance to snap up their own piece of movie history, when the vintage Renault used in the third film of the franchise – The Last Crusade goes up for sale this week. The 1928 Renault Type NN Tourer that was used in the 1988 blockbuster is(…)

Renault takes steps to improving ‘Race Pace’ 0

Renault believes it made a “good step” with regards to its ‘race pace’ in the recent Russian Grand Prix, even if there is there is still plenty of work to do, Nico Hulkenberg believes. The Enstone based team took over from Lotus at the end of the 2015 season, and has made strong gains in(…)