Sadiq Khan

Only ONE electric black cab in London despite ban on diesels 0

Despite the ambitious plans of London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, aimed at curtailing pollution in the capital, figures have emerged showing that the city has just one electric black cab. Recent figures released by the World Health Organisation (WHO) revealed that all Londoners are exposed to particulate pollution levels exceeding PM2.5, the current guidelines for inner(…)

London’s fight against toxic car fumes gains momentum with £10 T-Charge 0

Drivers of the most polluting vehicles on the roads may now have to pay a daily charge of as much as £21.50 to enter central London. The £10 T-Charge came into effect last week meaning drivers of older, more polluting vehicles entering central London will now have to pay an extra £10 on top of(…)

Diesel drivers may soon be hit by £20 a day fee 0

Drivers of diesel cars may soon be hit by a £20 a day penalty, if proposed government legislation is passed. Environmental secretary, Andrea Leadsom, has unveiled plans for a proposed ‘toxin tax’ as part of measures to cut down on air pollution, reports The Sunday Times. The report details how at least 35 towns and(…)

London: Old cars to face additional £10 ‘pollution charge’ 0

Under new legislation proposed by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, owners of older, more polluting cars could face an additional £10 fee – on top of the existing charge – for entering the congestion zone. City Hall hopes to have the new surcharge up and running by October 2017. The plans were formally released for consultation(…)