Nissan Micra awarded 5-stars for safety 0

The UK edition of the new Nissan Micra has been awarded 5-stars for safety by the Euro NCAP. Principally responsible for the high score is the intelligent driving tech that comes fitted as standard. The Micra was tested under Euro NCAP’s newest set of rules, the complete range available in the UK attained the highest(…)

Motorists overwhelmingly back new cycle lanes 0

Motorists are backing the new Dutch-inspired cycle lanes that are currently being painted on roads across the UK. A new survey conducted by Servicing Stop asked motorists if they agreed with the new plan which has cost more than £913 million in the capital alone; overwhelmingly 80% of motorists said yes. Servicing Stop also asked(…)

The Volvo S90 0

Whatever people’s preconceptions of Volvo may be, they certainly have changed for the better over the past few years. The Swedish company are attempting to move into the luxury company and they are/have done so at an alarming rate. The crossover SUV XC90 is a massive hit and we now expect the S90 sedan to(…)

Google’s Sticky Car 0

Google may have just come up with a crazy idea that may protect pedestrians from a crash with its autonomous car. Although there have been many patents submitted by the company, this specific one does seem like the funniest, yet also the most effective one too. It is claimed that Google will be utilising a(…)

Muscle Cars Just Aren’t That Muscular 0

The muscle car is America. When you think of it you should think America, or if you don’t, then we certainly do anyway. So with all that power in the muscle car frame, how well do the cars perform in crash safety tests? They have never been tested up until recently and the results are(…)

France Petrol Warnings 0

Briton’s wishing to cross the channel and visit France over the May bank holiday, the school half term or for the European football tournament should be warned about the fuel crisis occurring right now. Britons driving are warned to plan ahead and prepare for the huge shortages in multiple types of fuel. As a result(…)

Fatal crash sees worldwide recall of Toyota SUVs 0

Better safe than sorry for Toyota who recall over 2 million vehicles following a fatal car seatbelt malfunction. The recall comes after rear seat belts separated in one fatal accident in Canada and during a crash that injured a passenger in the U.S., and includes 1.3 million vehicles in North America, along with 625,000 vehicles(…)