Things set to get even worse for diesel 0

Things are set to get even worse for diesel cars. A new study has warned that sales are set to plunge even further and will account for just 15% of the UK market share by 2025 – a drop of 35% from a 50% peak. Professor David Bailey of Aston University, who conducted the survey,(…)

August sees UK car sales continue to grow 0

The UK car industry continued to thrive throughout August, despite warning about the implications of Brexit. Figures showed car sales were in fact up, ahead of projected figures that had predicted a slump. Throughout the month of August, over 81,600 new cars were registered, up 3.3% compared to the corresponding month last year. This brings(…)

PSA Sales Slump in 1st Quarter 0

PSA, the group which heads Peugeot and Citroën, have suffered a big drop in their sales for the first financial quarter of 2016. The reasons for this can be found in a huge decline in their sales in the Chinese automotive market and other currency weaknesses. So, what is the reason behind the slump and(…)