Relay car theft caught on CCTV 0

Behold car crime of the future… A security camera has captured the moment two thieves steal a Mercedes from outside the owner’s house without either having to force entry or steal the owner’s keys. The car is pinched using a technique known as ‘relay theft’. It involves one person standing at the victim’s front door(…)

Tips how to deter keyless car thieves 0

Last month, I blogged about a new spate of keyless car thefts involving ‘relay boxes’. The concept involves two opportunistic thieves working in tandem. A vehicle is targeting on the owner’s driveway. One thief stands by the driver’s door while the other positions themself outside the house front door. Both carry ‘relay boxes’. With the(…)

130 sets of car keys stolen from Manchester Airport 0

Up to 130 sets of car keys have been stolen from a long-stay carpark near Manchester Airport. Four cars were also taken, the Manchester Evening News has reported. Police have said the true number of car owners affected is not yet fully known as the majority of the vehicles’ owners are still on holiday. The(…)

A Flashback to the Past as the Ford Cortina is Now a Prime Target for Thieves 0

The Ford Cortina is back, but for all the wrong reasons. The Ford Cortina was a statement of British automotive manufacturing for 20 years. From its first conception in 1962, the Ford Cortina became Britain’s most popular selling car. With 4.3 million units sold, five generations produced as well as proudly boasting the title of(…)