Toyota come up with ingenious solution to stop teenagers speeding 0

Toyota has come up with an ingenious idea to stop younger drivers speeding in its cars – embarrass them. The Japanese car maker has hired Saatchi & Saatchi London to create the Safe and Sound App, that not only blocks the young driver’s social media posts and incoming calls when they’re travelling over 9 mph,(…)

Toyota ‘unlikely’ to release another diesel car 0

Toyota are unlikely to release another diesel car, one of the firm’s senior executives has revealed. Didier Leroy, the group’s executive vice-president, said from now on each new model would be reviewed on a case-by-case basis as to whether a diesel edition would be included. On the company’s new C-HR vehicle, Toyota decided to offer(…)

A look back at the Toyota Sports 800 (1965 – 1970) 0

When you consider that the Sports 800 was Toyota’s first proper stab at a sportscar, it was a valiant attempt; an impressive debut in a market crowded by formidable competition at the time. The Japanese company’s influences are clear to see, close attention was clearly paid to the Austin Healey Sprite and MG Midget during(…)

Holidaymakers forced to perform stunt-jump to prevent accident 0

Normally, you don’t tend to associate holidays with death-defying stunts and feats of incredible bravery but that was the adrenaline pumping situation one US family found themself in, when the highway drawbridge they were on started to lift. The Naphy family were crossing the Middle Thorofare Bridge in Cape May county on their way to(…)

Nissan Sunderland plant set to increase production by a fifth 0

Nissan have announced they are to increase production by a fifth at its Sunderland plant in an attempt to offset higher costs following the UK’s decision to leave the EU. The Japanese company will also double the amount of parts purchased from domestic sources. Production will increase by 20% to around 600,000 vehicles per annum.(…)

Toyota patent transparent car pillar concept 0

Something needs to hold the roof up, right? Nowadays, car roof pillars are fairly sizable; mostly due to heightened safety standards. Long gone are the days when fairly thin struts were a fashionable option, allowing drivers much greater 360 degree visibility. Toyota however, are working on a potential compromise. The Japanese car maker has filed(…)

Would you buy a car made from wood? 0

Your next car could be made from wood. Sound ridiculous? Probably, but if an experiment currently underway at Kyoto University goes according to plan, trees could end up playing a vital part in car construction. The project is being conducted as a collaboration between one of Toyota’s main part suppliers and the academics at the(…)

Toyota team up with major players towards automotive tech 0

Toyota has teamed up with a cluster of the tech industry’s major players to develop software that will help support self-driving cars and other future automotive advances. The companies involved in the collaboration with Toyota are Denso, Ericsson, Intel and NTT Docomo. The collective are to be called the Automotive Edge Computing Consortium and have(…)

The top ten hybrids to buy in 2017 – #9 Toyota Prius 0

With the news that the UK government are to ban all petrol and diesel sales from 2040, we thought we’d have a look at the best hybrid and electric cars on the market at the moment. Okay, this lot might be looking a bit long in the tooth twenty-three years from now but it’s good(…)

Toyota developing electric car that can charge in minutes 0

Toyota is currently developing an electric car powered by a new design of battery that can recharge in minutes whilst significantly increasing driving range. Reports in the Japanese media said that the carmaker is aiming to begin sales by 2022. The new vehicle will be built on a brand-new platform and will use all-solid-state batteries,(…)