Toyota recalls 5.8 million cars due to faulty airbag 0

Potentially faulty airbags have seen the world’s biggest car maker Toyota, recall upwards of 5.8 million cars. Models affected include the Corolla and the Yaris subcompact model, the majority being sold in Japan, China and Europe. The production dates of the cars in question were from May 2000 to November 2001, and April 2006 and(…)

Fatal crash sees worldwide recall of Toyota SUVs 0

Better safe than sorry for Toyota who recall over 2 million vehicles following a fatal car seatbelt malfunction. The recall comes after rear seat belts separated in one fatal accident in Canada and during a crash that injured a passenger in the U.S., and includes 1.3 million vehicles in North America, along with 625,000 vehicles(…)

The new Toyota Hybrid R concept 2

The Toyota Hybrid R has shown in the press before it’s official unveiling at the Frankfurt 2013 motor show. The idea is to showcase a hybrid that is capable of delivering a wonderful performance. What’s special about this particular hybrid is that it’s not only powerful but also focused on delivering a very fulfilling driving(…)

The best of the rest – Electric Vehicles in America 0

We recently published an article on the some of the best electric cars destined for America. In today’s report we’ll take a look at the best of the rest.   The Smart Fortwo Electric Drive The Smart Fortwo Electric has a lot to prove over in America. Whereas the brand may be thriving here in(…)