Use your Smartphone through a different platform 0

The Tokyo Motor Show was one of the most anticipated automotive of the year purely based on the technology that it had to offer.

It didn’t disappoint, as the Toyota demonstrated with their smartphone reader. Simply place it upon a stand and the car’s display system reads it. The user will be able to interact with the smartphone through the car’s digital display, using another type of interface.

Charge wirelessly

Toyota said that the technology allows the smartphone to charge wirelessly whilst on the stand. This is executed through Qi technology, a well-known method worldwide currently being utilised in Japan for the wireless charging of smartphones.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Users will then be able to operate their smartphone through their touchscreen car display or even through buttons on the steering wheel. The smartphone connects to the car display through Wi-Fi.

A statement from the Japanese company read “This is an ordinary smartphone. When you place it on the charging stand, first of all, contactless charging starts. Meanwhile, the smartphone screen synchs with the car display. After it’s done that, the phone can be used like an ordinary car display, via touchscreen or buttons on the steering wheel.”

Safer way of operating your smartphone

Toyota sees this as a safer method of drivers using their smartphones whilst on the road. Plenty of motorists use their phone in order to navigate their way around town. Toyota believes that their new car display provides a safer and more efficient way of using a satellite navigation system.  Another statement read “With navigation systems using smartphones, it’s sometimes dangerous to operate them while driving. But with this system, you can safely use the normal interface of a car display, while keeping the advantages of a smartphone. So we intend to provide enhanced safety for even more people, as well as the fun of a car display.”

It was confirmed by Toyota that there is no current release date or production plans at present for the system. “We’ve actually only just made this, so we haven’t decided exactly what form to release it in. By presenting it at the Motor Show, we’ve obtained lots of useful feedback, both within Toyota and from outside. So we’d like to implement this system as soon as possible.”

With Toyota claiming that they would like to see the system “as soon as possible” this concept could be made a reality. We would like this to be realised as it certainly provides greater road safety.