A look back at the Toyota Corona Mk3 (1964 – 1969) 0

A-look-back-at-the-Toyota-Corona-Mk3The Corona was a main player in the Japanese carmaker’s range since it was first released in 1957. Constantly evolving over time, in keeping with the manufacturer’s philosophy to meet the demands of its customers, a Corona was an ever-present in the line-up well up to the 1980s.

Originally intended to be a no-frills family saloon, by the middle of the 1960s, it had become Toyota’s most popular model. The money raked in from the Corona’s success, allowed the company to develop other models.

By the time the third generation went on sale in 1964, it represented a massive jump forward with regards to engineering, featuring monocoque construction and a new 92bhp 1591cc four-cylinder engine.

A huge seller both at home in Japan, and overseas, the Corona was deemed to be much more export-friendly than Toyota’s earlier efforts. It even made many friends in the USA, where it scooped the title of Imported Car of the Year in 1969 – and in 1971, the subsequent edition won the overall Car of the Year award. The fourth generation model debuted in 1970, with a brand new 1707cc engine rated at 95bhp pr 15bhp depending on the compression ratio. In order to ensure sales were pushed to the limit, a whole range of body styles were on offer, including a saloon, a coupe, a hatchback and an estate.


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