A look back at the Toyota Land Cruiser 40-Series (1960 – 1984) 0

A-look-back-at-the-Toyota-Land-Cruiser-40-SeriesIt’s a genuine surprise to many that Toyota’s Land Cruiser 40-Series was actually around as far back as 1960. In the UK and Europe they only achieved fame later in life, but in all other parts of the world they are considered true legends. Nowadays they have a true cult following, a later entry into the J-Tin (Japanese classic car) movement.

Land Rover itself would attest to how good the Land Cruiser really was. Responsible for the UK brand’s loss of export sales in plenty of markets throughout the world; it was an extremely reliable, well built and hugely popular machine.

Nowadays there are still thousands of editions left in service, mostly in drier climates. Quite a lot have made it to the UK, imported by collectors and fans. Once they do reach these shores however, rust is quick to make its mark.

You won’t find too many on sale, but when one does hit the market in good condition, it sells for a tidy sum.

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