Toyota build life-size version of 80s remote controlled Tamiya Hilux Bruiser 0


In the 1980s, the must-have remote controlled truck that every kid wanted (and quite a lot of grown-ups to be fair) was the Tamiya the Hilux Bruiser.

The hard-as-nails pickup was the equal to anything Tonka were churning out at the time and it was so powerful that you could tow a ride behind it on a skateboard.

Toyota has decided to celebrate the Hilux by making a fully working, life-size version of the miniature remote controlled favourite.

The giant version is fully kitted out for off-road driving thanks to a suspension conversion by specialists Arctic Trucks – the team responsible for the Polar Hilux that the Top Gear team used to get to the North Pole.

The Hilux Bruiser is purely a one-off and is based on the new Hilux Extra Cab.

To meet with the big-wheeled look of the ‘original’, Arctic Trucks installed its AT35 conversion, adding enormous 35-inch tyres, modified suspension, new gear ratios in the differential and flared wheel arches.

To match the model, the wheels have been given a chrome finish and the bodywork has been wrapped in a high-metallic Diamond Blue vinyl by the team from Funkee Fish.

The famous “Hog-Heaven” livery and all other details from the model have been lovingly  replicated by hand. Also featured are the iconic tri-coloured stripes the run from bumper to boot. ‘TOYOTA’ has been printed to give the impression it has been stamped into the metal, an effect created by using a special dome gel.

Robert Selway, an expert model-maker, was behind many of the details and ensuring they were replicated in a 1:1 scale, including an on/off switch in the load bed, R-shape body clips, tubular bumpers and rock sliders.

The bonnet clips are magnetic and just for show, the bumper and rock sliders have been have been made from stainless steel exhaust tubing wrapped in white vinyl to resemble the model’s plastic parts.

Powered by a 148bhp four cylinder turbo diesel engine, the crowning glory is a large antenna is positioned just behind the cab to complete the ‘radio controlled’ styling.

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