Toyota come up with ingenious solution to stop teenagers speeding 0


Toyota has come up with an ingenious idea to stop younger drivers speeding in its cars – embarrass them.

The Japanese car maker has hired Saatchi & Saatchi London to create the Safe and Sound App, that not only blocks the young driver’s social media posts and incoming calls when they’re travelling over 9 mph, it automatically starts playing their parents Spotify playlist if the car creeps even slightly over the speed limit. The parents of course are free to put on as much embarrassing music as they like.

All the parents have to do is activate the app whenever the offspring wants to borrow the car and it automatically links both Spotify accounts. Google Maps API technology is used to detect whenever the car is speeding, so if junior touches their phone or breaks the speed limit the hip and trendy music they’re playing is replaced by their parents’ playlist. When the legal speed is resumed, or if the driver stops playing with their phone, their own music starts playing.

Jason Mendes of Saatchi & Saatchi said about the app: “Tell teenagers to turn their phone off in a cinema and they will – tell them to turn it off in a dangerous situation, like driving a car, and they won’t. Go figure. However, for teenagers, the threat of embarrassment is far more severe than the threat of injury – that insight we thought was a powerful platform to create something that would cut through, make a difference and ultimately continue the conversation around safety.”

The app is available to parents with any model of car, not just Toyotas.

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