Toyota patent transparent car pillar concept 0

Toyota patent transparent car pillar concept

Something needs to hold the roof up, right?

Nowadays, car roof pillars are fairly sizable; mostly due to heightened safety standards. Long gone are the days when fairly thin struts were a fashionable option, allowing drivers much greater 360 degree visibility.

Toyota however, are working on a potential compromise. The Japanese car maker has filed a patent for a device that makes the roof pillars appear transparent. On the surface, this sounds a little like a gadget from a sub-par Bond movie, but the tech behind the idea is actually fairly traditional, involving mirrors.

The mirrors, which are strategically placed, bend light around the pillars, revealing an image of the opposite side. The technology is not really new, already existing in a more complicated form, using additional cameras and components. Toyota’s aim is to simplify the process however, hence the patent.

Toyota have not commented on the patent application.  

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