Toyota reveal the final FJ Cruiser 0

2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser Side Design Pictures

The SUV market is a crowded one these days. Every major car maker has got in on the action, offering their 4x4s with state of the art technology, luxury interiors and a variety of styles and formats, competition is certainly fierce.

One of the pioneers of the accessible SUV market was Toyota’s FJ Cruiser. After making its debut back in 2005, the sturdy Japanese 4×4 outlasted most of the competition to come its way, until now that is…

Sadly, all things must pass. The new edition of the FJ Cruiser is to be the last and to cement the fact, Toyota has ingeniously titled the final version of the FJ Cruiser the ‘Final Edition’ as the company gets ready to wind down production.

Available in a stylish…beige, with a sizable set of 20in wheels, under the bonnet is a 4.0-litre V6 paired with a five-speed gearbox.

Despite never making it to the UK, the FJ Cruiser made waves in the US primarily due to its retro styling. It was created in homage to the iconic FJ40 off-roader from the 1960s and based on the Toyota 4Runner, but was never anywhere near as successful. Slow, cheaply made, uneconomical to run, not easy to park – it didn’t have too much going for it performance wise and when compared to some of the top of the range SUVs on the market today, it lags well behind.

The Final Edition is set to be released only in Japan, perhaps unsurprisingly as that’s where it made its biggest impact.

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