Toyota ‘unlikely’ to release another diesel car 0


Toyota are unlikely to release another diesel car, one of the firm’s senior executives has revealed.

Didier Leroy, the group’s executive vice-president, said from now on each new model would be reviewed on a case-by-case basis as to whether a diesel edition would be included.

On the company’s new C-HR vehicle, Toyota decided to offer only petrol or hybrid editions, omitting diesel from the lineup. According to Leroy, this decision was made as early as 2014.

“One thing is sure, today what we decided for the C-HR will probably be decided for other models too. When they are renewed, we will have to [make the] same kind of decision whether to introduce with diesel or not, and the probability we will take the same kind of decision is quite big.”

On average, car makers redesign models every 5-7 years. This means by 2027, Toyota should have renewed its entire fleet – although Leroy said that a specific date would not put on the final diesel sold by the group.

Toyota is currently the world’s second largest carmaker, lagging just behind the Renault-Nissan alliance with Mitsubishi. The firm was one of the first to embrace hybrid technology almost twenty years ago.

Many of the globe’s major cities have released plans to ban diesel vehicles from their roads. This has caused the majority of car makers to fully embrace the search for competitive electric and diesel vehicles.

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