Traditional car engines to be dead by 2050 says Toyota boss 0


Toyota believe the bell has tolled for the internal combustion engine. The prediction, that the internal combustion engine’s days are numbered comes from the company’s head of advanced research and development, Seigo Kuzumaki. The prediction comes as electric car production finally starts like hitting the numbers long forecast; much tighter emissions regulations are also encouraging the phasing out of traditional petrol and diesel engine by the majority of the major car makers.

“We expect that by 2050 we will have reduced CO2 emissions from vehicles by 90% compared to the figure in 2010,” said Kuzumaki. “To achieve that from 2040 simple internal combustion engined cars will not be made, but they may be the basis of some hybrid or plug-in hybrid cars.”

His comments come hot on the heels of UK Environment Secretary, Michael Gove announcing that the sale of new combustion engines (excluding hybrids) are to be banned from 2040 onwards.

Toyota is already one of the largest producers of electric cars – accounting for 43% globally. The brand’s Prius model is probably the most identifiable hybrid vehicle with 11 million global sales to date. By the early 2020s, the brand intends to have a whole family of electric cars making up its stable.

“We hold more patents on solid state batteries than any other company,” said Kuzumaki. “We are getting close to developing cars using the technology, and we believe that we will be ahead of our rivals in achieving that.”

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