Servicing your Vauxhall 0

Vauxhall are one of the most popular car manufacturers in the UK, and this is demonstrated by the fact that both its Corsa and Astra models are listed in the top five bestselling new cars in a recent market study by AutoTrader.

The key to Vauxhall’s success is their ability to produce reliable, dependable and affordable cars on a consistent basis. However even the highest quality automobiles need to be maintained properly to keep them running smoothly, safely and efficiently.

How often should you service your Vauxhall?

As a general rule your car should be serviced every 10,000 miles or so, and Vauxhall have a specific servicing schedule which must be adhered to if you wish to retain your warranty. In the past, Vauxhall servicing could only be carried out by the manufacturer’s own main dealers, but since 2003 it has been possible to obtain a Vauxhall service from any independent garage. This has given motorists a higher degree of choice, and has led to competition which in turn has driven prices down.

Servicing Stop has over 750 qualified mechanics around the UK, all of whom are adept at Vauxhall servicing. We promise not only quality work, but are also pleased to be able to offer prices up to 60% cheaper then Vauxhall themselves.

Changes in the law, known as ‘block exemption’, made it mandatory for car manufacturers to divulge all relevant information about their servicing procedures, so that independent mechanics could replicate the same Vauxhall service techniques and validate the warranty. At Servicing Stop, your car warranty is protected at all times, and as well as performing the service according to the manufacturer’s specifications, we also use only genuine Vauxhall parts.

All of Vauxhall’s cars represent a healthy balance between style, economy and solid engineering you can rely on. Servicing Stop aims to help you get the most out of your vehicle and keep it running at optimal condition for longer.

The importance of Vauxhall servicing

Without regular services, your car will quickly degrade and small problems can grow into bigger, far more costly ones. A Vauxhall service includes oil and filter changes, thorough inspection of all parts and replacement of any that are wearing out. At Servicing Stop we try to make this as quick and convenient for you as possible. After we get your call or online booking, one of our agents will arrive to pick up your car from your home or place of work, and will later return it to you after the service has been carried out, at no extra charge. If any additional work is required, we will always contact you for authorisation before proceeding.

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